USS New York (LPD 21)

For further information regarding the ship, contact:

The Naval Force Atlantic Public Affairs Office

For further information on the ship's Commissioning Events and Educational Fund, contact:

The USS NEW YORK Commissioning Committee
CAPT Sally McElwreath, USN (Ret.)

The USS NEW YORK (LPD-21) Electronic Press Kit (Text):

Ship's Commanding Officer - COMMANDER F. CURTIS JONES Bio

Word Doc - 45kb

Ship's Executive Officer - COMMANDER ERICH B. SCHMIDT Bio

Word Doc - 41kb

Ship's Command Master Chief Petty Officer - CMDCM ROBERT W. STOCKLIN Bio

Word Doc - 41kb

Various Opportunities for Media to Cover USS NEW YORK (LPD 21)

Word Doc - 70kb


Word Doc - 66kb

USS New York (LPD 21) Fact Sheet

Word Doc - 639kb

USS NEW YORK Still Photos

JPG - 758kb

JPG - 2.4mb

USSNY (LPD-21) Fact Sheet

PDF - 586kb

B-Roll and other Video Footage:

To access b-roll video and other imagery of USS NEW YORK’s christening, underway footage and commissioning, send an email with your contact information to You will receive a return email automatically registering you for an account with the Navy Visual News Service Media Lighthouse (See Below), and will be granted access to all available media on USS NEW YORK. Once you log in, scroll down the page until you see the "USS New York imagery" line item and hit the "Go" button.


Navy Visual Newshas developed a media content delivery system which allows for 24/7 distribution of visual information products. The system provides a centrally managed collection of still photography, video, news features and topic-specific categories to assist print, broadcast, and web-based outlets.

Feature databases typically contain, broadcast-quality video (including reduced resolutions for preview and web based venues), high-res still photos, PDF files and Microsoft Word documents (i.e. press releases).

The only thing you need to operate "Media Lighthouse" is an Internet browser. A broadband connection is recommended. Please note the "Quick-Start Guide" attached for use by your organization is designed to help others with future use of the site. Your account is organizationally specific and is open for use by other members your agency as deemed appropriate. Account will remain active until asked to cancel use of the system.

Go to to reach our access page.

This will take you to the Media Lighthouse server (Fig. 1). Enter your user name and password as provided by Navy Visual News Service, then press "login" button with your mouse.

Fig. 1

You will be presented with a series of feature databases to assist with specific news events, breaking news, or general visual information research projects.

Fig. 2

Select your database of choice by selecting the blue "GO" button to the right of each database series (Fig. 2). You are now looking at holdings for your selected database (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3

Mouse over any asset (picture square) to see a description of the video or photo file selected. Double-click a file to see an expanded view, with additional file formats and download options (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4

On any page, mouse over any of the colored icons to receive a function description.

(End of Media Information Page)


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